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When The Postwar World Was New

"Alzina in Wonderland" -- A delightful travelogue of London and Western Europe of a young college graduate’s first excursion to the lands she had enjoyed studying as a student. The people she meets, the stories she tells, and the places she visits in her 1952 “trek” make for a wonderful story.

"Dale’s memoir of the European Work camps take place when Europe was rebuilding from the war ...not as familiar place to American youth then but Dale’s experiences contain important lessons for today."

–Louis P. Cain, Professor of Economics

" a Londoner I am happy 'my city' awoke such honest and perceptive enthusiasm. I want to go there again and find a young American visitor and make her welcome (so) we might both see it with joy."
–Anne Perry

" engaging account of a trip to Europe and England... just after the Second World War when victors and vanquished were starting to rebuild... seen through the eyes of a twenty-one year old... retains the freshness of those days."
–Catherine Aird, Detective Club member,
Chair, British Crime Writers Association